Dr. Katie Felt, BCND, BEP, CAHP,

Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Bio Energetic Practitioner, 

Complimentary Alternative Health Practitioner,

Master Nutritionist

Katie Felt received her Bio Energetic License from The International Academy of Bio Energetic Practitioners and her Master Nutritionist as well as Doctor Of Naturopathy through Trinity School of Natural Health. Through Academy Epic, the Complimentary Alternative Health Practitioner was most recently achieved. For over twenty years, she has worked and studied in the field of Natural Health and Alternative Medicine.

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Bio Energetic testing does not diagnose or treat any disease. 

In the United States, diagnosis and treatment of disease must 

be done by a licensed medical doctor. This website does not 

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Cost Per Evaulation

First Evaluation:$185.00 (plus supplements if needed).  

Complimentary quick check , 3-4 weeks after first evaluation is recommended. 

(This includes update of remedy. No testing of supplements at this time.)     

Follow Up Evaluation (recommended every 2-6 months depending):$150.00 (plus supplements if needed).  

Complimentary quick check, 3-4 weeks after follow up evaluation is recommended.  

(This includes update of remedy. No testing of supplements at this time.)    

After completion of First Evaluation and Complimentary Quick Check, it is best to send new sample once per month for Brief Evaluation follow up until all symptoms are resolved.     

Limited and Brief Evaluation:  Mini Test: $90.00* (includes supplement test) or  

Update of Remedy: $30.00*(does not include supplement test-only update of remedy).  

Additional phone consults are available by appointment if needed at a rate of $2/minute.    

*Limited and Brief evaluations are only open to clients that have already completed their First Evaluation.     

If sending a hair sample for an evalution, hair should be 1/2 inch long. Only a few hairs are needed.  It is best taken from the back of neck.  If sending in a saliva sample, swab inside of the mouth with a q-tip for 20 seconds. Call office number listed above or email for further mailing instructions.