How it works

Hoe Does Bio Energetic testing work?

       The biofeedback machine,  or Voll device uses a technique known as EAV,  or Electroaccupuncture According to Voll. Dr. Reinhard Voll,  a German physician, developed this procedure in the 1940's and 1950's.  Dr. Voll took people with known diseases and tested the acupuncture meridian points and discovered that there were relationships between the flow of energy in the body system and disease processes.  Since the 2000's this system has been computerized to test thousands of substances.

      The biofeedback machine is connected to a computer which stores the unique resonant frequencies for the substances.  During testing, one's sample is tested against many resonant frequencies to find possible imbalances and stressors.

Substances to be tested

Some of these are:

 •Amino Acids,  Bacteria,  Cell Salts

 •Colors,  Flower Essences,  Emotions

 •Hormones,  Metabolism,  Enzymes

 •Supplements,  Dental,  Chemicals

Like a biofeedback machine,  this is a non-invasive testing method.

Healing Thoughts by S. Woolley

 Life's goal is not to outwit death and disease or get out alive,  but to become conscious and self-actualized,  aware and able to handle any and all changes without fear and with an understanding of the message contained in the change. To be a conscious,  self-actualized person means to break free from the limits of self by surrendering self will to divine will.  It means to be aware of the body as an expression of the spirit,  a physical carrier of consciousness.  It means to live life with love,  honor and forgiveness,  to accept change as it comes,  and to understand that what is needed and appropriate will always manifest in its own time and way. There are many lessons to be learned on the way to achieving the goal.  Let the physical world and your body be your teachers.  Align with the spirit and do not skip school. 

Thomas Edison 1847-1931

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."


Bio Energetic testing does not diagnose or treat any disease. 

In the United States, diagnosis and treatment of disease must 

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